Pneumatic Cylinder Globe ValvePneumatic Cylinder Globe Valve

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Pneumatic Cylinder Globe Valve


Pneumatic Cylinder Globe Valve
Water distribution pipes
Industrial cleaning machines
Dyeing machine temperature control
Middle and low stem equipments control
Well water and wastewater disposal plant
Valve Size 15A(1/2") 20A(3/4") 25A(1") 32A(1-1/4") 40A(1-1/2") 50A(2") 65A(2-1/2") 80A(3")
Actuator Type Cylinder type
Actuator Action Single acting (Spring Return)
Operating Media Compressed dry air
Operating Press 4 ~ 7kg/
Liner Adjust Manual Handle None Manual handle
Fluid Temp -30 ~ 220
Connection JIS 10K FF
Body Material SCS13
Leakage allowance ANSI Class V (0.005%)
Accessory Solenoid Valve, Air filter Regulator, Limit Switch


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